Monday, May 16, 2011

Pollo Tropical

I can't believe I've gone this long without writing about such a staple in my diet! I eat at Pollo Tropical all the time, partly because there are restaurants right next to both of my work locations, but mostly because they are inexpensive and delicious. ;) Pollo Tropical, on a corporate level, is also AMAZING with accommodating food allergies. They are a member of FAAN (Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network) and have identified four different meals that are completely free of the common allergens milk, egg, soy, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, and wheat. In addition, they clearly identify allergens in menu items. As a Celiac, there are very few things I can't eat. YAY! I can't have the dinner rolls (obviously), Caesar salad & croutons, french fries (always sad), tortillas, tres leches, and key lime pie. Everything else on their extensive menu is fair game! And, even though they fry their plantains, I've been told that they use a separate fryer, so they're still GF! I eat them all the time and never have a problem, and I'm pretty sensative. There have been two times at two different locations where I've had issues with cross-contamination, which is pretty good, considering that I eat a Pollo Tropical at least once a week. This issues were the direct result of people in the kitchen not taking my allergy seriously. Every other time I've eaten there they are very receptive to my explanation of my allergies, change their gloves, and are very careful while serving the food. Today, the man putting orders together was uncertain about my request, and (Hallelujah!) asked what I NEEDED HIM TO DO. This was at the South Semoran Blvd. location. All restaurants should have this level of service!

Knowledge - 4.5 stars
Accommodation - 4 stars
Taste - 5 stars


  1. I am going to the one in Oviedo today. I have always had the wings...had seen they are gfree, but now on their website it says that they are not. I am going to question them at the restaurant about them. Irritating. And they are not listed on your attachment, but are on the mainwebsite.

  2. Hmm - that's weird. What did you find out about the wings?

  3. Wendy: did you get a response? I ate the wings today, becaue I thought I remembered reading the were ok and when I checked the nutrition (Calories) I saw they were in the allergen list now. :(

  4. THE BLACK BEANS ALSO CONTAIN GLUTEN, WHEAT, according to Pollo Tropicals Nutritional Section on their official website. I sent the company a message today to clarify what items are and are not GLUTEN FREE. I also would like to know which of their sauces are safe to consume as they are all so delicious.

    Safe eatings, y buen provecho a todos. Happy Mothers Day to anyone and your mothers.